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Extraordinary Pizza, delicious pasta dishes, juicy burgers, handmade Italian calzone and greek traditional dishes await you to try them out! We have many choices for everyone’s liking in a cozy and warm place.

Real Pizza

Who said healthy food can’t also be delicious? My Kitchen creative chefs use fresh and seasonal ingredients to make affordable, tasty and nourishing.


We Deliver Every Where in Mykonos

Burger Lovers

My Kitchen offer a great variety of juicy burgers to fulfill all your tasty expectations

Finest Greek Cuisine

Don’t miss the traditional side of My Kitchen with the most tasteful Greek cuisine recipes!

Fresh Ingredients

We get all our ingredients from Mykonos Local Market in order to be fully fresh!

Creative Chef

My Kitchen help you treat yourself with a different meal everyday during your vacations, thanks to our daily changing menus and our awesome creative chefs!

We deliver everywhere in Mykonos

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Pizza & Burger

The most famous food option during your vacations! Tasteful Pizzas and Juicy Burgers by My Kitchen creative Chefs

Pasta & Calzone

We love it with the italian way. Enjoy our Pasta and Calzone recipes!
The traditional side of My Kitchen

Our Greek Cuisine Recipes!